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H&K MP5 SD6 Special w/ Reaper HPA engine Installed

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  • Fully licensed by H&K with Installed Wolverine Reaper HPA Engine
  • 2 Magazines
  • Upgraded Compression Internals
Length 806mm
Weight 4.2lbs
Inner Barrel 363mm
Material Polymer
Magazine Capacity 200rd High Capacity (Includes 2 Magazines)
Muzzle Velocity Variable depending on PSI used (0.20g bbs)
Thread Direction 14mm CCW
Gearbox V2 Full Metal
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Stock Type Retractable 
Recommended Battery 7.4v Li-Po Battery w/JST-connector
Battery Location Front Handguard
Manufacturer Umarex & Wolverine
Warranty 60 Day Limited (Manufacturer)




The MP5SD6 is synonymous with special forces. Whether you want to be just like Charlie Sheen in “Navy Seals” or replicate an awesome load out from your favorite video game, this airsoft gun from Elite Force is sure to get you there!

This gun is from Elite Force’s competition line, which means its budget friendly, but performance focused! This gun is all business from the tip of its mock suppressor to the end of its retractable stock and ready to rock both close quarters and long range play! Two included high capacity magazines mean you have enough ammo to last you on the field as well. This gun comes ready to be wired to the front, or can easily be swapped to the rear if you want to swap the stock and create a different style of MP5 for yourself later.

Kick that boring M4 model to the curb and try something different with the Elite Force H&K Competition MP5 SD6!


Wolverine / Reaper


  • BOLT technology packaged for AEG rifles
  • TRUE closed bolt, single solenoid design
  • Air-Saver technology
  • Precision Metered Recharge
  • Configurable with an electronic FCU or Electro-mechanically
  • Bulletproof industrial-sized solenoid
  • Tool-less disassembly

After the success of the BOLT, we decided to use that proprietary technology to give you something new. We have adapted the technology from the BOLT and developed it for AEG rifles! The Reaper is a TRUE CLOSED BOLT HPA system that also has the same Air Saver technology in the BOLT. It can be used with an FCU or Electromechanically.

The Spartan Edition allows users to use HPA without the headache of figuring out all the settings. By combining the trigger board and FCU, the Spartan Electronics are our most robust system yet. Tune your gun in 30 seconds with our Live-Fire Tuning then get out and play

Compatibility: M4 AEGS and other Version 2 gearboxes
Material: CNC machined aluminum alloy, industrial solenoid
Package Includes: Reaper HPA Engine, Air Line, FCU, Trigger Board

Manufacturer: Wolverine


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