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VISM Tactical Airsoft Vest

 *The Large vests can roughly adjust from an XL to XXL plus*


  • Constructed of tough PVC on mesh webbing for maximum durability
  • Front zipper, 2 buckles, adjustable shoulders and 3 adjustable side straps
  • Hydration system compatible (bladder not included)
  • Adjustable heavy duty pistol belt
  • Includes:
    • 4 Pistol Magazine Pouches
    • 3 Rifle Magazine Pouches
    • 1 Utility Pouch
    • Cross Draw Pistol Holster


**Tips on adjusting the vest**

  1. Adjust the belt first by unbuckling it from the vest and lengthening or shortening it to fit your waist before reattaching it. The belt determines the size of the vest, width wise, more so than the adustable back straps.
  2. Once the belt fits then go ahead and adjust the straps on the back, either bigger or smaller to get the fit exactly right. 
  3. If you need the vest to be longer or shorter, the shoulders completely un-velcro apart with plenty of room for lengthening or shortening. Just refold them over once you've adjusted it to your liking.
  4. Pouches cannot be moved

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