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AIM - Top High Performance Motor - Long Type

This motor will increase your trigger response of your AEG gun as well as increasing the rate of fire. We recommend that when upgrading the motor that you ensure the rest of the gun can handle the added stress of the rate of fire.

Version High Torque High Speed
Motor Length Long Long
Torque Type High-Torque High-Speed
Maximum RPM 27000+ rpm 40000+ rpm
Nominal Voltage 9.6v NiMh, 7.4v LiPo, 11.1v LiPo 9.6v NiMh, 7.4v LiPo, 11.1v LiPo
Turns per Armature 18T 11T
Bearing Count 4 4
Manufacturer AIM AIM
Compatibility M90-160 Springs M90-120 Springs


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