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Air Venturi Rocket Shot Target - Pop Can Launcher

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Looking for a way to use your empty pop cans for fun? Need a reason to shoot your airsoft, pellet, or bb gun?  Well now there is a fun way to do all of the above and also improves your skills as a shooter.  The Air Venture Rocket Shot Target is a innovative and inexpensive what to practice moving shots.  The way it works is the Yellow target below the black cylinder, where the can will set, is shot and then it will spring up and launch the can in the air.  Once it is in the air attempt to shoot the can before it hits the ground.  To reset the launcher, place the can back in the black tube and compress the spring down.  The yellow target should hook into place retaining the can.  Note: make sure that the latch is secure before you walk away and Never Load It While Look At The Can From Above.

This Air Venturi Rocket Shot Target is a awesome target and if you agree with us pick one of them up and have fun shooting those pesky pop cans.

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