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AS - Ricochet Colored Replacement Lens - Streamlight TLR - Various Colors

  • Thicker than standard lens protectors
  • Fits both TLR-1 HL and Standard Streamlight TLR
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Designed to resist a direct 90* impact of 0.25g bb up to 400fps
  • Includes:
    • Colored lens
    • Flashlight replacement lens


Material Polycarbonate
Color Clear & Various
Manufacturer Absolute Sports
Warranty 1 year Limited through Manufacturer


This is a direct OEM replacement. You will need to disassemble your flashlight and lens and re-install. Follow these basic instructions:

1. Remove the stock clear lens and place in a safe area
2. Ensure the replacement lens sits in the groove of rubber
3. Be sure that all items are inline during re-assembly as to not damage the bulb

*Reversed assembly will void warranty.


ABOUT: The original Ricochet lens was developed by a group of airsoft players looking for a permanent replacement for a broken TLR1-HL lens. After an initial limited color release of the original Ricochet line, the line was expanded to include additional colors. Some players have experienced that the Gamma Green and Joker Purple are more vibrant and dis-orientating than clear.

DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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