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Polar Star Jack- M4/M16

The Jack was designed to answer the demand for affordable HPA conversions for AEG's.  Similar to the Polar Star F1, the Jack replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing for high performance and greater reliability.

The Jack has only 1 moving part, the nozzle, which acts as its own poppet valve which is piloted by the solenoid. The system itself only has 6 parts and cen be completely disassembled by hand in a matter of seconds.

Velocity on the Jack can range from 280fps to 500fps with a .20 BB, on a standard M4.


  • Designed, manufactured and built in the U.S.A.
  • Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components with high performance delrin nozzle
  • Universal cylinder design is compatible with numerous gearbox versions
  • Optimized flow profile, firing point and flow path promotes superior shot consistency and accuracy
  • Capable of functioning in damp and sub-freezing climates without effect performance or reliabliity
  • User selectable Semi/Full Auto, Semi Auto Only and Variable Burst modes
  • Easy to use Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD display and five position joystick
  • Instantaneous trigger response. Faster than an AEG with a Li-Po.

Due to the design and our field regulations, we recommend using an inner barrel length less than 250mm to pass chrono. If your inner barrel length is longer than 250mm you may have feeding issues and difficulty reaching the 300 FPS with .20 to pass chrono.

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