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ASG - CNC Infinity Motor - U-18000 - High Torque

ASG - CNC Infinity Motor - U-18000 - High Torque

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The 18000 motor is the world’s first airsoft motor that combines 28 TPA with high-strength neodymium magnets inside precision CNC-machined externals. With an RPM of 18,000, this motor trades speed for torque, making it the perfect addition to your DMR or DSG builds. Another benefit of the high TPA count is increased efficiency, which results in the Infinity CNC 18000 motor generating less heat and drawing lower amperage when in use.


  • CNC machined aluminum front and back covers
  • CNC machined pinion steel gear
  • CNC machined stainless steel shaft
  • Silicon steel rotor
  • Precision built motor housing
  • Heat resistant rare-earth magnets
  • Enlarged motor-shaft ball-bearing stabilizers
  • High-grade silver plated wiring and larger carbon brushes
  • Power = Joule =  1/2*m*V2
  • Max 12V input
  • Long Type

This motor will increase your trigger response of your AEG gun as well as increasing the rate of fire. We recommend that when upgrading the motor that you ensure the rest of the gun can handle the added stress of the rate of fire.

Motor Length Long
Torque Type High-Torque
Manufacturer ASG

M100-M170 Springs


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