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Forge Airsoft Silicone Oil - Medium

Forge Airsoft Silicone Oil - Medium

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Medium Weight Forge Airsoft Silicone Oil. Needle applicator for accurate application. 

A must have for any gas blow back airsoft guns, grenades and magazines! Proper lubrication of your airsoft guns will resolve 90% of the problems!

  • Needle applicator for accurate application
  • Pure Silicon 
  •  Use on: O-rings, valves, gears
  •  *Use only a tiny bit at a time. Wipe up excess immediately. 


For Valves: Drip into the gas in and out valves to check for leakage and to inflate the dried o-ring seal to prevent magazine air leaks. Lean magazines for 5-10 minutes to allow the oil to seep down into the valves. 

Use small amounts to lubricate slides and internals during cleanings. 

If you feel your gun is not functioning smoothly, try lubricating it, especially if you were recently playing in a dusty environment or have had your equipment stored for a long period of time. 

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