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G&G - E.T.U. Perun Upgrade Kit

G&G - E.T.U. Perun Upgrade Kit


  • Electronic Trigger Unit
  • Enhances trigger unit
  • Plugs in without having to open the gearbox
  • Safe, Semi-Auto, 2-5rd Burst and Full-Auto Modes
  • Active Brake, Precocking and Battery Protection Programming
  • Works for any battery 7V to 17V
  • Maximum rate of fire is 50 RPS


Part Number None
Material Metal Wiring
Color Red, Black
Manufacturer G&G
Compatibility V2 Gearbox

DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.


  • Precocking
    • Piston remains in rear position after every shot
    • Works in semi, burst and full-auto modes
  • Battery Protection
    • Dedicated to lipo batteries
    • Notifies user if the battery voltage falls to a dangerously low level
  • Double Shot Mode
    • Shots will be fired when the trigger is pressed and released
  • Electronic fuse
    • Designed for lipo batteries
    • Saves battery in case of major malfunction
    • Automatically disconnects battery if a short circuit or blocked motor is detected


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