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KRYTAC SDP Conversion Kit

  • 9995

The KRYTAC SDP kit transforms any M4 AEG into a small compact platform ideal for high speed and quick maneuvering. Based on the AR design, the Trident SDP kit features a futuristic aluminum hand guard with a smooth finish for a comfortable grip. The battery is stored in the unique KRYTAC buffer tube, which is larger than traditional buffer tubes, to provide room for a small battery. It comes complete with the inner barrel, outer barrel, locking ring, barrel shroud, sling plate, and KRYTAC battery buffer tube. Utilize this kit with your AEG and take advantage of maneuverability of a pistol with the firepower and capabilities of a rifle.

KIT Includes: 

  • Futuristic Aluminum Hand-guard 
  • KRYTAC Buffer Tube
  • Inner Barrel - 6.05ID 143mm
  • Outer Barrel - 5.5"
  • Locking Ring
  • Barrel Shroud
  • Sling Plate

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