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KWA AKG-74M 40rd Magazine

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The KWA AKG-74M is an ATF approved gas blowback AK style rifle that was designed to accurately simulate the AK platform. It features a full metal alloy receiver and high impact polymer handguards, pistol grip, and full folding stock. An AK side rail mount on the receiver allows users to expand their platform with AK specific mounts and accessories. Realistic construction means that the rifle functions and operates identically to its real firearm counterpart. The blank fire mode built in the AKG-74 magazine allow users to train safely without chambering a round. Powered by the KWA Force Velocity engine, the KWA AKG-74M is a strong reliable rifle for those interested in training with the AK platform.



  • Manufacturer: KWA
  • Capacity: 40rds
  •  Green Gas
  •  Metal

     This is a spare magazine for the KWA AKG-74M gas blow back rifle.

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