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The KWA KMP9 series is based on a small lightweight 9mm submachine gun and features a integrated folding stock and a molded fore grip to provide a stable shooting platform for the user. The KMP9R features a bottom accessory rail in place of the molded fore grip allowing for attachment of accessories. Both models have an accessory side rail as well as a top accessory rail for optics and other weapon attachments. KWA has also produced a CQB bolt assembly that can easily be swapped to reduce the exit velocity of the weapon for indoor CQB environments. The KWA KMP9 series provides a large amount of firepower in a small compact tactical package.


  •  Manufacturer: KWA
  •  Model: KMP9R
  •  Gas System: NS2
  •  Propellant: Green Gas
  •  Velocity: 360 to 380 FPS
  •  Rate of Fire: 20+ RPS
  •  Magazine Capacity: 48rd
  •  Ammo: 6mm .20g/.25g precision bbs
  •  Warranty: 30 day limited


  •  Gas operated recoil blow back
  •  Realistic construction & field stripping
  •  Fiber reinforced polymer upper & lower receivers
  •  Adjustable hop-up
  •  Charging handle with realistic bolt movement
  •  Metal Picatinny accessory rails
  •  Trigger safety
  •  Folding stock
  •  Semi-automatic & automatic select-fire

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