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Maple Leaf - Improved Hop Up - 75 Degree

Maple Leaf - Improved Hop Up - 75 Degree

  • 995
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  • Maple Leaf Hop Up Bucking
  • No Nub
  • 75 Degree Hard
  • For Airsoft AEGs
  • Ribbed Outer Surface Provides Better Air Seal

The Raptors Airsoft RTX Maple Leaf Bucking is specially designed with ribs on the outside in order to maintain proper air seal. The pressure point is placed in such a way that it improves the air seal as well. The buckings point of impact with the BB is designed similar to a flat hop up bucking. This new design allows for increased velocity, accuracy and range. This bucking is one of the best, if not the best, drop in bucking on the market.

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