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NcStar - 2 Point Sling - Metal Clips

NcStar - 2 Point Sling - Metal Clips

  • 1995

The New NcStar 2 Point Tactical Sling System is one of the most high quality and versatile slings we carry.  The 2 Point Tactical Sling System can be mounted on any AEG rifle and includes two Mount Adapters and one Dual Mount adapter.  The sling system can be configured as a dedicated 2 point, single point, or convertible double to single point sling.  The wide variety of different sling setups is what makes this New NcStar Tactical 2 Point Sling System stand out from other slings on the market.  The NcStar sling is made of high quality tactical nylon, built to withstand extremely rugged conditions.  The wide sling strap is very comfortable and fully adjustable, fitting any size.  The extra wide sling webbing and elastic bungee provide maximum comfort as well as durability.  This sling is completely mission adaptable, easily configured into whatever type of sling the mission calls for.  There's no more need to buy multiple slings, when all you need for the mission is the New NcStar 2 Point Tactical Sling System!

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