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Valken V12 Airsoft HPA Engine

Valken V12 Airsoft HPA Engine

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  •  Easiest drop-in installation in the industry
  •  V12 Black .100 Nozzle installed
  •  Program lock-out mode allows player to cap rounds per second and fire modes to discourage cheating and comply with various rule sets and field limits.
  •  Trigger LED UI programming
  •  Compatible with aftermarket poppets and shim kits
  •  Includes upgraded bucking and nub of optimal durometer (hardness)
  •  Quick change nozzle design with additional nozzles sold separately


 Designed to answer the demands of today's hardcore airsoft player, the Fusion Engine is one of the most reliable, high performance airsoft systems available today. No matter if you need a high fire rate CQB setup or a high velocity sniper platform, the Fusion Engine can do it all without sacrificing dependability or trigger response. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum our system is extremely durable and is even capable of operating under extreme temperatures without decreased performance or reliability. 

With the introduction of the GEN3 you are no longer limited to just one body style! We have re-engineered our system to accept AEG selector plates and triggers, so even though the engine will come set up for the AK series rifle, it can be adapted to work in other models which also use a V3 gearbox.


  • APS Ver. 2 AR/M4 Variants
  • ARES Amoeba Series
  • ARES M4-E Series
  • ASG Ver. 2 M4/AR Variants
  • Classic Army (New Version) Ver.2 M4/AR Variants
  • G&G CM16-18 Series
  • G&P Ver.2 M4/AR Variants
  • JG (Metal Body) Ver. AR/M4 Variants
  • JG (Plastic Body) Ver. AR/M4 Variants
  • KWA Ver. 2 2GX CQR Variants 
  • KWA Ver. 2 2GX KM4 Variants 
  • TOP Tech TR Series 
  • Vega Force Company Ver. 2 AR/M4/416 Variants 
  • WE AEG Ver.2 M4/AR Variants

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