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VFC VR16 Calibur Carbine - Bronze

VFC VR16 Calibur Carbine - Bronze

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VFC Avalon Calibur Carbine , the newest kid on the block, comes with full metal body and high quality Avalon engravings. The extendable QRS stock allows you to adjust the length of rifle to fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity QRS magazine. Metal flash hider can be screwed off for installation of a 14mm clockwise threaded silencer. Dust cover can be flipped open to reveal hop-up adjuster. This particular version comes with an ambidextrous fire selector which is lefty friendly.

It has a keymod rail system with with a monolithic top rail, ample room for all sorts of sights and accessories. In the real steel world, this makes things much easier when it comes to stabilizing yourself after each and every shot but in the airsoft world, it's for aesthetics. It also depends on how you like to hold your AEG.

  • Full Metal BodyStandard Adjustable Hop-Up
  • 6.03 Precision inner barrel
  • Rear Wired Battery Connector (Small Tamiya TYPE)
  • Spring Type Mid-Cap Magazine 120 Rounds Capacity (no winding necessary)
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Quick Spring Change Gearbox
  • Mosfet Installed
  • Recommended 7.4v Lipo.  Using a 11.1 with a low FPS spring could cause over spin or double shooting.

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