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Vism AR15 KeyMod Handguard - Mid-Length VMARKMM

Vism AR15 KeyMod Handguard - Mid-Length VMARKMM

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• NEW Keymod Handguards for the AR15/M4 Platforms.
• Easy Drop-In install, no special gunsmithing involved, fit into Delta Ring and front Handguard Cap. Remove factory handguard, drop in the KeyMod handguards and use supplied screws to secure KeyMod handguard in place.
• Solid fit, top rail is at receiver height and you have 7 angles of KeyMod slots
• Black Anodized Aluminum Construction
• This model fits: Mid-Length Gas Systems
• Includes two Accessory KeyMod to Picatinny Rail Sections. One Short and one Medium Length Picatinny Rail sections. They can be placed in any of the 7 angled KeyMod sections.
• Designed to fit AR15/M4s with: MIL-SPEC Barrel Nut, Delta Ring, and front Handguard Cap.
• Length: 8.5"
• Weight: 7.3 oz. / 9.3 oz. with both accessory rails attached

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