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Orange Flash Hider Comes Installed


  • Gas operated recoil blow back
  • Front sling loop
  • Threaded barrel
  • Charging handle with realistic bolt movement
  • Retractable shoulder stock
Length 250mm
Weight 3lbs
Inner Barrel 115mm
Material Polymer
Magazine Capacity 48rd 
Muzzle Velocity 340-360fps (0.20g bbs)
Thread Direction 14mm CCW
Gas Type Green Gas
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Manufacturer KWA
Warranty 30 Day Limited (Manufacturer)




The M-11 was designed by Gordon Ingram of Military Armament Corporation during the 1970's. Its core design was based on the open bolt MAC-10 which was larger in size and capable of firing a .45 ACP cartridge. The M11A1 by KWA is a gas powered submachine gun based on the smaller compact M-11 design set by Gordon Ingram. Similar to its real counterpart, the M11A1 fires from a true open bolt system. A sliding stock can extend out allowing users to remain stable while firing the weapon. Small and compact, the M11A1 provides users with a nimble light weapon with an extremely high rate of fire.

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