Who is VIPAirsoft?

VIPAirsoft is a family owned and operated airsoft company located in Arizona. We launched our company back in 2001 and in 2010 we opened the doors to Arizona's largest premier indoor airsoft arena. We now have multiple locations across the Arizona East Valley and are excited to continue providing quality airsoft equipment and game play to the Arizona airsoft community.

We aim to stock only quality airsoft products from reputable manufacturers so you'll never have to second guess that you're gonna love your new gear and trust in its performance. Our staff thoroughly vet each new product for quality, durability, fit, functionality and for our guns- issues, ability to get replacement parts, ease of repair, accuracy and overall opinion. If we don't like it, see too many problems or can't stand behind the manufacturer- we don't carry it. Simple as that. This may mean we don't have as large of a selection as other online competitors- but we'd rather carry less guns than a ton of cheap junk. 

We love to support local and American based small companies and are diligent in creating strong positive relationships with all the companies and manufacturers we stock. This goal allows us to provide you better quality products at competitive rates, release products ahead of other competitors and qualify us to perform repair work that may otherwise void a warranty. Cus we're awesome like that. 

We are extremely proud of our skilled staff of technicians we have on-site, who along with our knowledgable sales staff, are able to answer nearly any question you may have regarding your gear, make recommendations or assist you in the warranty process direct with the manufacturer. We don't work off of commission and we would much rather see you in a gun that suits your needs and budget, than the biggest baddest most expensive gun we have.

If you need to reach someone on our team with questions about the equipment we carry, whether we can special order something for you or just generally wanna say hello to our awesome staff, you'll find our various contact info below. You can also use the Live Chat to message us directly and yes- our live chat is actually one of us, not a robot. 


Online Sales Manager:  holly@vipairsoft.net 

General Manager:          josh@vipairsoft.net

General Questions:       info@vipairsoft.net

Give us a Call:
        480-507-9420 ext 4
        602-491-9149 ext 4


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