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Ninja Fill Check Valve Assembly Replacement

Ninja Fill Check Valve Assembly Replacement

Direct Replacement Fill Valve Assembly for Ninja tanks


The Fill Check assembly on your regulator is one of the items that will require periodic replacement, either due to leakage or mechanical damage to the OD portion, follow the procedure below:

  3. Using a 7/16" wrench, remove old Fill check assembly.
  4. Clean any debris and old sealant out of the port
  5. Inspect the female 1/8" NPT port threads for any damage. IF THREADS ARE DAMAGED OR WORN STOP! DO NOT US THE REGULATOR AND SEE AN AIRSMITH OR CALL 877-NINJAUSA It is recommended that a go/no-go thread gauge be used to verify these threads.
  6. A thread sealant  has been applied to the threads on the new Fill Check.  Do not use any additional sealant 
  7. Turn it in until it is hand tight, and then tighten a further 1 &1/2 turns.  It should not be necessary to exceed 100 inch-pounds of torque to achieve sealing.  If leaks still occur STOP contact and Airsmith or call 877-NINJAUSA.

NOTE: You will notice that the strut in the Ninja Fill Valve has a groove across the "O" Ring end.  This groove is essential for proper gas flow.  Never replace on of the Ninja Mini Fill Valves with an item from another manufacturer.  The Ninja Mini Fill Valve body IS NOT a standard QD.  Always replace the comple assembly. Do not use other bodies iwth our strut, or other struts with our Mini Fill Valve


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