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Echo1 11.1v 1300mAh 20C LIPO Battery; Rechargeable

Echo1 11.1v 1300mAh 20C LiPo Battery; LIPO 4

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Lithium Polymer batteries are designed as a light weight, high output power source. This 11.1v Li-Po battery can deliver more power than 9.6 NiMH large type battery with only half of the size and a third of the battery cells. The Style of this battery is designed to fit into a small PEQ box or Full Stock. The 1300mAh will give you roughly between 1300 to 1700 shots before needing to be recharged. A special Li-Po charger is necessary.


  •  Manufacturer: Echo 1
  •  Type: Lithium Polymer
  •  Volts: 11.1v
  •  mAh: 1300mAh
  •  Style: Brick-PEQ Box
  •  Connector: Small Tamiya
  •  Rechargeable - special LiPo Charger required
  •  Model: Lipo 4

 Li-Po Battery Safety Guidlines: While all batteries can be dangerous if used improperly, Li-po batteries are a bit more unstable and less forgiving than traditional Nicad and Ni-MH batteries. Therefore extra caution should be exercised when using them to avoid potential personal injury and damage to property. 1. Li-po batteries MUST be charged with a Li-po battery charger. They can NOT be charged with a traditional battery charger. ALWAYS charge the battery in a fireproof environment on a non-flammable surface and NEVER leave the battery unattended while charging. 2. Take extra care not to short out, crush or puncture the battery. Doing so will result in the cells igniting. Before and after every use please inspect the battery to ensure there are no visible damage to the wires or cells which could cause a short circuit. 3. NEVER attempt to disassemble your battery or remove the shrink wrap from its cells. 4. Please ensure that the battery is never drained to the point that it can no longer function your AEG. If the batteries voltage is allowed to be drained low enough it will reduce the lifespan of the battery.

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