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G&G FireHawk

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 The Fire Hawk is a new CQB weapon. It has a short 120mm inner barrel and overall length of 543mm. The Fire Hawk will use G&G’s new 7.4V Li-Po buffer tube battery. An amplifier flash hider is included as well. The amplifier has a secondary affect of creating a very distinct sound. In a world of similarities, it’s always nice to have a bit of distinction. The Fire Hawk is a small rifle that has been receiving very positive feedback from end-users all over the world.



  •  Manufacturer: G&G
  •  Model #:EGC-16P-FHK-BNB-UCM
  •  Magazine Capacity: 300rd
  •  Velocity: 330FPS with .20g bbs
  •  Battery: 7.4v LiPo **Included!
  •  Ammo: 6mm .20g/.25g precision bbs


  •  Fiber reinforced plastic body
  •  Metal Gearbox
  •  Amplifier flash hider (Orange)
  •  120mm inner barrel
  •  Flip-up Sights
  •  6-position retractable stock
  •  Adjustable hop-up
  •  4 inch Quad Rail System

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