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Holiday Gift Basket

Holiday Gift Basket

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Holiday Exclusive Christmas Gift Basket! 

Each basket includes the following per player: 

Arena Entry Certificate (Valued up to $27.06 each)
VIPAirsoft TShirt Voucher (Valued up to $20 each)
VIPAirsoft 2022 Patch Voucher  (Valued $6 each)
VIPAirsoft 2022 Loyalty Cup (Valued $5 each)
Pair of Safety Glasses (Valued $5 each)
Team Indicator Armband (Valued $5 each)

Plus candy and other goodies!

Talk about an incredible deal! Snag yours before the holiday!


*We have opted to include a voucher for TShirts and patches instead of the items themselves so that your gift recipients can choose the sizes they need in shirt and the patch style.

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