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Matrix Polymer Drop Leg Holster - M&P9

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Matrix Paddle holster series are made of durable, high-tech black polymer materials. It is widely used in law enforcement, self-defense and many other tactical applications all over the world. 

Superior Materials & Durability:

  • Made of durable high-tech polymer materials
  • Extreme temperature tolerance

Working: -30 degrees C to 180 degrees C

Storage: -40 degrees C to 200 degrees C

Safety Mechanism:

  • Holster has a quick-release/quick-locking button that allows for quick draw and automatic locking when your gun is re-holstered.

Fully Adjustable:

  • Rotates 360 degrees for every application (i.e. small of back, cross draw) for ultimate versatility 
  • Adjust the holster cant easily with included Allen Key

Ease and Comfort:

  • Fast and easy draw while providing great retention

Model: CY-MP9L

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